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Green Practices

Solar Crêpes has a double meaning. Not just solar panels, it is also an homage to our farm to table concept—our commitment to local, natural products born of the sun and earth, overwhelmingly free of harmful fertilizers and pesticides—in addition to our overall commitment to running an Earth-friendly business. Our goal is to be certified by the Green Restaurant Association for responsible environmental practices.

Renewable Energy

Where are the solar panels? It’s not easy to install 90 watt solar panels on a cart that's only 8'x5', but Solar Crępes is working with an innovative local contractor – Huffman Electrical Systems Systems – who is excited about the challenge! When installed, our solar panels will provide an estimated year-round average of 590 watt hours each day.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Who knew there could be so much intrigue in a wooden stir stick? But that’s what we learned while sourcing our packaging and disposable items. We’ve worked hard to learn about the origins of all of our disposable items and will surely devote many blog posts about the process. Here are just a few products we are proud to be using:

Composting and Recycling

Do your part! The Solar Crępes prep kitchen is a recycling/composting zone. (Check out the Arlington County Recycling Flyer – to be sure you are maximizing your own recycling efforts.)

Solar Crêpes is partnering with the Discovery Garden student gardening club at T. C. Williams High School, to compost our cart and kitchen scraps in their homemade composting system at the Chinquapin Organic Community Garden. We look forward to holding cooking classes for the students during their Fall harvest.