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Our Philosophy

Food to make a better world.

At the heart of Solar Crêpes is the food – sustainable, natural, and overwhelmingly local food. Our menu consists of organic, seasonal, locally-grown food options including crêpes, in-season fruits and vegetables, Amish yogurts, spring water, vintage soda pop, fair-trade coffee, French pastries, and other artisanal treats. Nearly all our ingredients have been grown and raised within 250 miles of the Washington metropolitan area, and we take special care to serve natural products, overwhelmingly free from harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

We're committed to sustainability.

Solar Crêpes is committed to sustainability. Farm-to-table, natural products; limited packaging; a second-hand truck and food cart; even the beautiful commercial pots and pans inherited from Camille’s beloved Uncle Vish—Solar Crêpes is doing its part to protect our environment. Our food cart will feature solar panels and storage systems to further harness the power of the sun and reduce our carbon footprint.

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